In 2015 I applied for a career break. My plan was to work as an English teacher in Spain for one year. I wanted change. I also wanted to learn Spanish.  I had no idea what was going to happen, but everyone else did;

‘You’re gonna be speaking fluent Spanish, get rich and come back with a Spanish girlfriend.’



Now it’s 2020 and I’m still here. By ‘here’ I mean in Bilbao and I also mean on this blog.  The zany thing is, little did I know when writing the above About post in 2015, some of the good things that people said would happen, have happened. What do you mean nocktoebenaughto? I hear you ask. Have you achieved your goal of learning the Spanish language? Are you now rich? Have you fallin in love?

While I tease out the answers to these burning questions in my posts, let me tackle them here head on.

Have I achieved my goal of learning the Spanish language?

No. Well, ‘learning the spanish language’ is open to interpretation, so, actually, yeah, in my interpretation of that phrase.

Am I now rich?

No. Well, ‘rich’ is open to interpretation. I mean you can be rich in monetary terms but you can also be rich with friends. The answer, in both cases, is no.

Have I fallin’ in love?

Yes. And not in a Jennifer Aniston kind of way. Remember that time during an ad break when she announced ‘I’ve fallin’ in love.’ And we all spat out our milk ‘Whatttttt?’ And then she added ‘…with a shampoo.’ And as Jennifer explained the science bit we were all sitting there covered in milk feeling a bit cheated.

Well, you shant be led up the garden path here, dear reader. So make a cup of tea (or even, crack open a can) and join me for a day, night or moment in the Basque country.

Happy Trails,



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